Hester‘s otherworldly jazz pop was made for a dimly lit, fug-filled room. Especially ‘Wake Blue’, the opener on their June released EP ‘Promise to Return’, which sounds like it should be playing live in Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s Ink & Paint Club to an audience dressed to the nines and chain-puffing Cubans.

From the first bluesy King Krule-ish chord, the South East London sextet are an immersive combination of strutting bass and fidgety rim shots that give a wink to Metronomy at their 70s funk-aping finest. It falls into place when the infectious front duo enter the fold; Ella Rimmer’s Lily Allen-like coo floats whimsically alongside Luke Bower’s intimate half-spoken baritone, before a parping Touch and Go-like trumpet announces itself.

Just when we thought we had them sussed, an out-of-the-blue carnival-esque climax makes this eclectic Lewisham band tricky to pigeonhole – and naturally we’re all the more excited as a result.