Hidden Charms don’t overcomplicate things. Their Beat-influenced 60s revivalism comes with a no-nonsense immediateness that makes for a rare treat in the current climate.

Having wooed last year with the infectious rhythm ‘n’ blues of ‘Sunnyside’, the Londoners’ follow up sees them up the ante. Announcing itself with an achingly simple Sonics-like garage rock riff, ‘Dreaming Of Another Girl’ oozes mod-like swagger; a perfectly executed piece of strutting guitar pop with jangly fretwork and a killer refrain.

It sounds like The Stones covering The Zombies‘ classic ‘She’s Not There’ and the conclusion, made up of a rip-roaring Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Free Bird’-esque solo and singer Ranald MacDonald’s commanding Jagger-like barks, is its dazzling highpoint.