New York indie sibling duo Mindy and Dustin Gledhill (otherwise known as Hive Riot) have created some of the year’s most immediate pop music in the form of their eponymous debut album. Lead single ‘Wonderwild’ is a fantastic example of their capabilities and tone, a rushing and sugary track that screams Scandinavia and summer all at once. It’s as though The Knife have secretly come out of retirement and recorded underneath a different guise; their music encapsulates the dance-fuelled disco that the pair were born out of.

Although shiny is not the most concise of descriptive words, one listen to ‘Wonderwild’ and it makes complete sense as the track seems to glimmer and sparkle in the manner of a disco ball or a shower of glitter. For fans of the ethereal scandi vocals of Oh Land and Say Lou Lou, this duo have ten delectable tracks that are each ready to transport you to a Friday evening in downtown Stockholm where the music is loud, the inhibitions are low and the music is euphoric.