In need of a little pick-me-up? Well, they don’t come much peppier than this. ‘I Don’t Like You’ is the blistering soundtrack to banish your Tuesday gloom, here to throw you back to the early noughties when Hot Hot Heat and OK Go posters lined bedroom walls and a skateboard was your chief mode of transport.

With a name like House Points, even the Brighton quartet’s moniker is evocative of a simpler time; a time of musky ill-fitting blazers, sneaky smoking sessions behind crumbling bike sheds and gatherings where people did themselves a mischief on a few bottles of Hooch.

It’s fuzzy guitar pop at its best, with frontman Nick Tompkins howling through a Julian Casablancas-like filter over a giddy tune that recalls The Vaccines at their most exuberant.

Their infectious energy is also reminiscent of breezy Aussie tykes Hockey Dad, which means they’re sure to be a rousing act in the flesh – catch them at this year’s Together The People, which is set to be a belter.