We’ve had our peepers on four-strong groove pop band Hunck for a while now. They hail from North London and their first proper single ‘So Far, So Deep’ is best articulated as summertime sadness in song form. Although not quite as gloomy as looking out for your friends at Glasto on the telly with only a few Biere Continentales for company, this dreamy Mac Demarco-esque jam does harbour a certain bittersweetness; a maudlin underbelly.

The compelling mix also recalls Youth Lagoon, with its sorrow-tinged organ-like guitar hook glowing vibrantly, before playful licks enter the fray like tiny mice pattering on the 17th fret; something which provides a fitting backdrop for the lead duo’s hazy fug of vocals.

With the slow-burning array of skewed melodies combining to make it a ringer for MGMT‘s exhuberant ‘Electric Feel’ played at half-speed, Hunck’s initial foray makes for a lackadaisical and kaleidoscopic introduction.