Ah, nostalgia. South Coast trio Bos Angeles were our Bournemouth life soundtrack circa 2011. They hailed from neighbouring Boscombe and released double A-side single ‘Days Of Youth / Beach Slalom’, which we still have on a 7-inch scooped at their Sixty Million Postcards single launch (or their celebratory bow out, we can’t quite recall). Those first offerings sounded like Joy Division held captive in one of the nearby beach huts; bittersweet surf noise with slack buried vocals and de-tuned production.

Three years since their demise, frontman Richard Board returns as leader of electro pop quartet Husband Material and the progression is instantly impressive. The untamed youthful vibe of before is given a slick restrained makeover on ‘What Did I Do Wrong’, with Board’s lackadaisical Kevin Parker-esque vocals rising above the sea mist this time around. With his words and melodies at the fore, Metronomy-like synths and throbbing Theme Park-ish bass are popped a sedative and played at half-speed giving the whole thing a chic sangfroid strut.