Newcastle indie/folk singer/songwriter has followed up his acclaimed debut EP ‘Yannina’ with an exceptional new cut ‘Carousel’. The rousing production courtesy of Mick Ross contrasting the gentle string plucks of the young troubadour, this track has quiet power with an undoubtedly moving undertone disguised beneath an approachable surface.

A simple narrative reminiscent of Nick Mulvey gives way to psychedelic guitar riffs as Houlsby evokes thoughts of one of his most notable influences Sufjan Stevens. This track allows itself room to breath and makes us yearn for warm days in festival fields as its gentle melodies wash over us like the warm embrace of a summer’s afternoon. Jake clearly has a strong future ahead teetering between the ambience of Fleet Foxes and the delicacy of Joni Mitchell. ‘Carousel’ is out on April 15th and Jake will be playing a launch show at The Surf Café in idyllic Tynemouth to coincide with its release.

You can find tickets here.