The cleverly eerie melodic guitar riffs that introduce ‘Lanterns’ are later accompanied by soulfully sweet vocals, with a hint of innocence not entirely dissimilar to Birdy and Aurora (the Norwegian singer known for her recent feature on the John Lewis Christmas advert). ย The deceiving name ‘Just Millie‘ hides the extent of her song-writing talents and musical skills, with her songs varying from gentle, soft remedies to other punchier numbers, using in-your-face lyrics to portray the other side of her reasonably young 20 year-old self.

With a debut album that had already reached No. 13 in the i-Tunes singer-songwriting charts, as well as an impressive gigging background spreading over the globe to NYC, there is no doubt that Millie’s second E.P ‘Lanterns/Not Ok’ is set to be a winner.