There are few times that a track can so instantly captivate an audience. Kit Trigg‘s voice calls out like an emotional siren atop genre-defining blues licks.

Trigg’s appearance is relatively unassuming considering the raw power of his voice and instrumental ability; holding his own as both rhythm and lead. Nic Sleight’s drums are consistently apt, acting as the perfect catalyst to guide the track up and down with dramatic effect. As a two-piece, they command audiences with confident authority and heartfelt power.

Their blues-heavy sound could cite an extensive list of influencers, but Trigg’s voice and stage presence is something to be admired on its own. The ‘Thrasher’ EP was formed with a ‘true skaters philosophy’, using only first takes for instruments and vocals when recording. This raw immediacy is incredibly prominent in lead track ‘Thrasher’, allowing them to make an undeniably strong first impression.