L U M E N is the nom de plume of Liam Brown who’s just 17, but he’s proof that age matters little. We think of him as the Archy Marshall of bedroom dream pop, a genre we’ve seen half-jokingly called “cavewave” recently owing to its airy, cavernous production.

We didn’t think the Liverpool teenager’s debut double A-side could be easily topped when it was released at the tail-end of 2015; it reminded us at once of The Drums, The War On Drugs and Day Wave, albeit given a very English makeover with Brown’s scouse accent protruding out of the lead track’s infectious haze. However, his newest cut ‘Sea Birds’ shows that L U M E N is far more than a drum machine, an earworming guitar line and a virtual echo chamber.

On it, his voice clambers all over Braids-aping electronica like a young Ian Brown, which makes for a dreamy swirl of Northern emotion that’s as if Yazoo‘s ‘Only You’ was reworked as a Madchester-inspired indie disco curtain call.