LISS are arguably one of Denmark’s most exciting new bands, finding themselves at the forefront of a new wave of indie-infused soul which is crashing into the mainstream.

Four ex-classmates Søren Holm, Vilhelm Strange, Villads Tyrrestrup and Tobias Hansen claim an original sound that exudes style, brimming with a feel-good attitude. Hølm’s effortless voice, combined with glimmering guitar licks and mellow beats leads the band into a subversive blend of R&B and indie-pop in most recent track ‘Always’. Strong influences are also taken from the 80s new wave scene to create the perfect hybrid of electro-pop and contemporary R&B. Smooth, sunny tones simultaneously provide feelings of bliss with the urge to groove, perfectly fitting as we head towards festival season.

Having recently supported Jungle and sharing producers with King Krule and The xx, it’s a fair claim that LISS are on the brink of success.