The debut single from 18 year-old Lou E, aka Louis Milburn, makes for a befitting soundtrack as we crack the curtains to catch a glimmer of sunlight this morning.

Woozy and psych-tinged, the South Londoner’s first foray outside of playing guitar and keys for Oscar is a wonky take on open-road Americana, with intricate spangly fretwork that recalls UMO and Avi Buffalo.

Production-wise, DIY is at its core, with Beech Coma‘s garden shed-via-bedroom recording treatment adding some outsider edge to the track’s tongue-in-cheek disapproval of faux-spirituality and gap yah culture.

With stacks of unreleased material in his locker, Lou E‘s prolific knack for penning tunes flies in the face of the date of birth on his ID, which marks him as a potential future cult songwriter in the vein of Kurt Vile or Cass McCombs.