The instantly beguiling and unsettling nature of the Mark Mills‘ double layered pitch-bending vocals in ‘Won’t Let You Down’ have both an intimate and oddly moving essence, throwing in some enchantingly Jack Garratt-esque grandeur – dancing between epic highs and haunting lows with confident ease.

Throwing his voice around like playground football, Mills purposefully doesn’t let you get comfortable, and instead takes takes you along on his journey into expertly crafted pop-electronica. Whilst aided by some notable post-production, his songwriting has an organic appeal, picking perfectly opportune moments to use effects and vocal distortion at times when they’ll have the most punch, nodding to artists such as Josef Salvat and the previously-featured Owen Rabbit in the process.

The Vancouver artist is enjoying a fair amount of attention following the release of a full album on Soundcloud, and ‘Won’t Let You Down’ is deservedly leading the charge to make 2016 a promising year for Mark Mills.