This is a song that screams attitude. ‘AIM’ is a dark Indie rock offering that shows a 4-piece group (fronted by Jake Hays) that aren’t taking no for an answer.

Fans of the Arctic Monkeys will immediately notice a sound which, before now, had been exclusively prescribed to them. However, this is not a band that’s trying to follow in anyone’s footsteps, as the similarities derive more from the self-assured swagger that Hayes carries in his strong and assured vocals which are akin to the Monkey’s lead singer, Alex Turner. The simple drum-bass pairing also creates an incredibly captivating atmosphere that’s almost impossible to turn off – a small tactic also used by Rock big-wigs Muse.

Just heavy enough to warrant the attention of those music fans that are on the hunt for an edgier alternative to your average ‘Summer Band’, Maudlin Strangers would be the perfect companion for a late night journey home.