Gothenburg vocalist Mira Aasma began to amass attention for her bewitching alternative pop music following the release of ‘Ghost’ and now she returns with ‘Whale Song’; a track of undisputed grandeur.

The songwriting is remarkable, yet the sheer optimism of this track’s structure and intent is what leaves the longest lasting impression. Merging gothic storytelling with Aurora like battle cries, there is no wonder the young musician is garnering so many comparisons to Florence and the Machine, as ‘Whale Song’ could easily have been a lost ‘Lungs’ tape. The layered production elements add relevant depth to the ocean-based narrative whilst the vocal darts joyfully across the surface before joining its synth structure in the darkest plumbs of the sea.

The pop quality possessed by all Scandinavian musicians is omnipresent as this track ineffably reflects the cold climes from which it came. As more and more spell-binding musicians blur the lines between mythology, folklore, poetry and music it would seem Mira Aasma is the next set to take the baton and break through a whole host of borders.