They may hail from the same exuberant Chicago garage rock scene as Twin Peaks and The Orwells, but Modern Vices sound more like the end of the party; the bit where someone’s supped one too many and is on the brink of a mini-meltdown.

That’s not to say they lack brio though, their self-proclaimed “dirty doo-wop” is like a 50s prom band whose inner-angst is bubbling out over the side of the pot. Their underrated, self-titled debut was chock-full of subtle slow-builds that tease and tease before finally erupting in a fit of melodious screams.

Don’t let their new tune’s winsome opening fool you, ‘Almost Seamus’ picks up where that full-length left off. A dreamy guitar riff eventually gives way to the sort of noirish, clattering racket we’ve come to expect from them, while singer Alex Rebek – who’s part Morrissey, part Big O, part Roky Erickson – croons, coos, cries and crackles at its darkly romantic centre.