Trajectory: the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces. When MOSES first appeared on the scene earlier this year, it was without fanfare. Let the music do the talking. It did, but not even they would have anticipated the meteoric rise. Support slots with Jimmy Eat World and The Enemy preceded a spot on the bill of The Joy Formidable‘s London show and their debut releases. Single ‘Leave Leave Leave’ is the lead track from their first eponymous EP, and it’s humongous.

The current fashion in the alternative rock circle is to be obtuse and obscure when it comes to influence and the less obvious the better. It’s strangely refreshing that MOSES will tell you their idols are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Clash and Kasabian. And the glorious thing is they are all of those bands, but also wonderfully diverse.

What beautifully stands out about MOSES is singer Victor, whose vocal performances are positively unique. He’s a London boy, but his heritage is from Bucharest, and it’s this that makes his voice so distinctive.

‘Leave Leave Leave’ is a call to arms. It sounds angry. Music isn’t angry at the moment and it fucking should be. There’s plenty to be furious about, but there are laurels being rested on left, right and centre. It’s urgent from the get-go, an unrepentant and unrelenting squealing runaway train.

It’s a pertinent time for this record to come out. Oasis are on the agenda again with the Supersonic documentary, rumours abound of a reunion which isn’t actually going to happen anytime soon no matter how much people want it. MOSES wear a similar badge of honour, their influences on their sleeve, and they know their way around an anthem. For now, they are all you need.