Abi Ocia stuns again with her second track ‘Konfyt’ – a song about heritage, home and the challenging complexities of life. Following the release of ‘Running’, which has now surpassed two million streams on Spotify, we are gradually being let in to the creative mind of an astute artist.

The track opens with a phone call between the West Londoner and her cousin – a voice which reminds her of home. Ocia eludes to the importance of embracing heritage and family at a time when personal stability is uncertain. ‘Konfyt’ is Afrikaans for “Jam”, something which will always remind the newcomer of home. Young in age, but mature in thought, Abi Ocia places strong, personal song meanings at the core of her craft.

In contrast with the gradual build of synth beats and electric guitar, Abi Ocia creates a cohesive environment whereby her masterful and introspective lyrics connect with the listener, as feelings of grief and vulnerability are translated seamlessly. The soft, dulcet tones of her voice are contrasted with pained lyrics, suggesting that the potential for growth is within all of us. Her pure, woody voice haunts us, as we realise that dark and light moments in life are so carefully entwined.

The subtle complexities to this multi-faceted track are spellbinding. Mkulu’s masterful production and the two-year-long process was definitely worth the wait.