Today, our new music spotlight is on Animal House

Location: Brighton, UK

Line-up: Will McConchie (Vox); Jack Nielsen (Guitar); Nick Vince Wellauer (Drums); Gene Harton (Lead Guitar); Callum Bunker (Bass)

About: Simply and honestly put, Animal House comprises five straight white guys who play fairly average garage rock music about not much in particular. ‘No Mamma‘ is the first single off their latest project, Premium Mediocre, which will consist of 24 self-produced, easy to digest tunes that neither offend, nor break any boundaries. Hailing from a Australia and moving to England in 2014 the foursome, turned fivesome, have taken advantage of their proximity to culture, shining their mediocrity across the UK and Europe with tours and festival dates taking them from quirky German squats to stages much too large for their so-called ‘online presence’.

What Hidden Herd say: A jangly, festival season mood-lifter, ‘No Mamma‘ tickles the ears of the UK with some tongue-in-cheek British seaside charm. The Brighton quintent offer us an oh-so listenable taste of hazy beack rock as we spill into high summer, whistling the melodies of their crisp guitar licks.

For fans of: Darwin Deez, FEET

Next shows:

Fri, 20th July – Brighton @ Green Door Store


Latest track:No Mamma