Gloucestershire band Ardyn have been quietly making ground ever since they put out spellbinding debut EP ‘Universe’ in 2015, experimenting with sounds and gathering steam like a great locomotive with each new musical instalment.

Though their origins were rather more fragile and fanciful, latest release ‘Together’ is a fizzing electro-pop tune with bigger aspirations; a confident statement of intent that combines metronomic strums à la Empire of the Sun, bittersweet melodies in the vein of Fleetwood Mac and a majestic new pop sensibility that inhabits the same realm as fellow two-piece Oh Wonder.

If you’ve been captivated by the hazy 70s-tinged dream pop of HIDDEN HERD favorites Geowulf or seduced by the harmony-rich recordings of NYC newcomers Overcoats, then brother-sister duo Ardyn could very well be your next crush. Their first new music of the year is a bold leap that should see them soar.