What better way to soak up the sun than with the delectably sun-kissed musings of BLEACHERS‘ ‘Don’t Take The Money‘? You’d be hard-pressed to find a track that better encapsulates the summer-induced euphoria seen on the faces of people in the capital in early April.

Although the meaning of the song seems obvious from the title, ‘Don’t Take The Money‘ doesn’t really relate to money at all. Lead singer and chief songwriter Jack Antonoff explains that “it means to follow the light… don’t ignore the gut feeling”, which juxtaposes with the cheery, care-free intent behind the song’s sound. Whilst firmly bedded in the uplifting noise that courses through their music, their writing often addresses far more serious undertones.

On this first single from their upcoming album, BLEACHERS – who are spearheaded by the Grammy award-winning Antonoff, previously the guitarist in fun. – showcase a delightfully warming sound to guide us towards summer.