Today, our new music spotlight is on Burning House

Location: Southampton

Line-up: Aaron Mills (guitar/vox), Ash Babb (Drums), Patrick White (Bass)

About: Fusing elements of shoegaze and decade-spanning American Indie (Elliott Smith, Swans, Deerhunter, Teenage Fanclub, Slint, Pixies) Burning House‘s sound is defined by multi-layered, piercing guitar rhythms, sophisticated melodic arrangements, and tempos spanning introspective, stripped down pieces through to distinctly upbeat, frenetic songs. ‘Peach‘ is perhaps the poppiest cut the three-piece have put out to date. A poppy cut that comes with nonetheless heavy themes…

Peach‘ explores that feeling of impermanence and precariousness when we allow ourselves to fuse with another, often at the expense of our own identity” vocalist and central figure Aaron Mills explains, “It also concerns the distant idea of happiness portrayed in holiday brochures and billboards, the kind that make happiness an impossible ideal…

What Hidden Herd say: Throw yourself back to the heydays of the rock-riddled Brit-pop in the mid nineties, and you’ll be swimming alongside the nostalgic dreams of Burning House‘s latest release ‘Peach‘.

For fans of: Vinyl Staircase, The Verve

Next shows:‪ TBC


Latest track:Peach