Today, our new music spotlight is on Cavey.

Location: London

Line-up: Luke Cave (Guitar, Vocals), Alexander Chalstrey (Piano, Organ, Rhodes), Chun-Ting “Refa” Wang (Upright Bass, Bass guitar) and Adrian Ortman (Drums)

About: Cavey are a London based alt-rock four-piece whose influences range from the bluesy guitars of T-Bone Walker to Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear, whilst the rhythm section of the band add subtle jazz inflections, giving Cavey their signature style and captivating listeners. Both live and recorded, the band is a unique and compelling fusion of unrefined talent and dynamic energy, using little in the way of production or effects. The focus of this project are the players themselves and all are given space to demonstrate their characters and instrumental prowess.

What Hidden Herd say: ‘About to Start’ has us harking back to the best era of heartfelt blues, masterfully flitting between intimate musical and vocal solos and roaring, gripping crescendos.

For fans of: The King’s Parade, Willie J Healey

Next shows:‪
Thursday 29th November – London @ The Old Queens Head, Islington


Latest track: ‘About To Start’