Today’s new music spotlight is on Creatures.

Location: London

Line-up: William Yates (vocals), Josh Ambler (guitar/keys), William Sherkle (guitar), Christopher Hallen (bass) and Bobby Voltaire (drums)

About: Picture a band on the pastel palette of Wes Anderson with the climactic twang of Quentin Tarantino… a band of 70s drenched cowboys straight out of Westworld armed with psychedelic, yet punchy guitar riffs and all the hair to match.

Spaghetti Westerners inspired by modern pop muses, Creatures create a beginning, a middle and an end, sonically sending you on an adventure that spans intense landscapes, tear-jerking waltzes, foreboding chaos and lingering cliffhangers.

Touring with the likes of Temples, The Parrots and The Murlocs, as well as being championed by Independent Music Week and The Great Escape, Creatures are set to release their new EP, ‘Runt Of The Glitter’ on Friday 22nd February.
What Hidden Herd say: Creatures sound like the sonic backdrop to a sci-fi Western, with their inventive fusion of blissed-out Americana, 60s pop melodies and psychedelic curveballs. New EP ‘Runt Of The Glitter’ is thus a collection to savour and you can wander its dreamily evocative landscape below.

For fans of: Insecure Men, Temples, The Parrots

Next shows:‪
27th March – The Old Blue Last, London
13th April – Rough Trade, Nottingham (Record Store Day)
13th April – Rough Trade, Bristol (Record Store Day)
13th April – The Lanes, Bristol (Record Store Day)
29th April – The Lexington, London (supporting Daniel Romano)


Latest track: ‘Time Divides’