Today, our new music spotlight is on Dog of Man.

Location: Brighton

Line-up: Mike Milner (accordion/vocals), Sam Salter (guitar/vocals), Ben Bailey (bass) and Jack Ellis (drums/vocals)

About: Dog of Man emerged, blinking, from a basement in Brighton with a demented collection of songs bursting with wild riffs, wry humour and improbable choruses. What started as a cathartic noise jam morphed into the weirdest rock music you’ll ever dance to. This is the sound of distorted accordion, erratic guitar licks, melodic bass and frenetic drumming. It’s noisy, it’s fun, inventive and immediate – veering into breakcore beats, folky interludes and gypsy stompers to get a party going. Dog of Man have brought their turbulent live show to London raves, squatted Amsterdam dockyards and beach parties in Croatia. The result was a mass of contorted dancing, flailing hair and sweaty bodies. Their first EP ‘Musically Transmitted Diseases’ came out in March 2018. This year the band hosted an exhibition of their own art work, played dozens of shows and headlined a European tour. Their debut album ‘Dogmatic Manual’ is out in August.

What Hidden Herd say: With an intro that alludes to the chaotic intricacies of the track’s title, ‘Wedding Night Erection Failure’ flitters between piercing melodies and refrained verses that have us harking back to the golden eras of grunge, albeit with a modern twist; a psychedelic blanket laid over garage-rock rebelliousness.

For fans of: Pixies, Cardiacs

Next shows:

Friday 19 July – London @ The Finsbury (w/ Dead Naked Hippies)

Thursday 8 August – London @ Dublin Castle (w/ Parallax)

Friday 16 August – Brighton @ Hope & Ruin (Album Launch)


Latest track: ‘Wedding Night Erection Failure’