Today, our new music spotlight is on Dyvr

Location: London

Line-up: Dyvr (Lead Vocals and Electric Guitar), Ben Williams (Drums and Backing Vocals), Gillie Rowland (Keys/Bass and Backing Vocals)

About: Dyvr makes deep, ambient electronic music. Growing up in London, and being influence by the sprawling musical landscape of the city, Dyvr’s style is broad – often taking cues from a variety of genres. Each track is deeply personal, drawing from memories and notions on how we can all attempt to be better people. After releasing his debut single ‘Half Awake’ last year and spending some time touring in Europe, he is about to release his first single of 2018 ‘Ghost Hands’ on June 22 with Veta Records.

What Hidden Herd say: ‘Ghost Hands’ captivates in an instant, offering an enthralling vocal journey through pulsing synths into the tastiest corners of dark noir-pop.

For fans of: Adult Karate, James Blake

Next shows:‪ UK shows to be announced in September


Latest track:Ghost Hands