Today’s new music spotlight is on FUKC.

Location: Paris/London

Line-up: J. Sterry (vocals/guitar), L. Dufez (production/bass)

About: FUKC (pronounced “ef – u – kay – si”) have created a kaleidoscopic vision in which to let their love for electronica run riot, fusing it with guitars, big drums and a disregard for genre. Sharing a mutual appreciation for double-denim and French Pop, FUKC have masterminded their bold new sound from diverse influences. Both members’ Dads met during the construction of the Eurotunnel, shaking hands when the French and English sides broke through to the middle. Having kept in touch, Lemuel (French, now living in LA) and John (UK) first collided last year. They sparked creatively, having both previously been fans of each other’s past musical ventures. Soon, they began sending musical ideas back and forth across time zones before releasing a duo of tracks which generated over a million streams and national airplay. After a messy night out in London, they decided to start FUKC. A few months later, the first demos were recorded in a garage in the Yucca Valley desert with only a borrowed guitar, a laptop and some Mexican beer. They then hit the studio back in LA to make sense of it all, with a view to releasing new music early this year. 2018 sees the beginning of the ride with singles, an EP, videos and more recording sessions, alongside bringing their world to life on stages across Europe and the USA.

What Hidden Herd say: FUKC are a wondrously off-kilter proposition. Their hook-stacked electro-pop tunes straddle genres and latest release ‘WHAT A LIFE’ is no exception, sounding like Lou Reed’s indelible hit ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ given a sprinkle of 90s stardust.

For fans of: EL VY, Jagwar Ma, Wild Beasts

Next shows:‪ FUKC does not have any upcoming events.


Latest track: ‘WHAT A LIFE’