Today, our new music spotlight is on GRDNS

Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire

Line-up: Jacob Lyons (vocals/ guitar), Cameron Harrison (vocals/bass), Sam Gledhill (guitar), John Fitzpatrick (vocals/drums)

About: GRDNS (Gardens) are a four piece neo-psychedelic rock band from the north of England, encapsulating the vintage aurora of the 60s juxtaposed with with a modern approach to song writing with beautiful melodies and eclectic rhythms.

What Hidden Herd say: GRDNS’ return triumphantly with ‘Venus’, throwing listeners in to a hazy, sun-kissed euphoric dream. Get lost in Lyons’ tender vocals and let the music transport you away from the oncoming British chill.

For fans of: Masasolo, Tame Impala


Latest Track: ‘Venus’