Harlea‘s entrance to 2017 with ‘You Don’t Get It‘ oozes with nostalgic gravitas and assertive attitude. The London-by-Birmingham singer’s tantalising vocals follow a recent array of strong, unashamed female rock sirens, looking at 2016 breakthrough’s such as Zuzu to lead the charge back to the best of British rock from decades past. Her second track channels this feminine aura, using ‘the overt power of being a woman’ alongside the timeless appeal of loud, crunching blues to mark her stamp on the capital with unshakeable confidence.

Harlea’s vocals are instantly recognisable, giving her plenty of traction diving into 2017. Having already reached half a million streams with her debut single ‘Miss Me’ in Autumn last year, her music has tickled the interests of NME, Dazed and the Line of Best Fit, showing her ability to enthral a diverse audience. Having learnt the pitfalls of overexposure in the past, her latest project puts her more in charge of her own destiny, allowing her to fine-tune as she sees fit. The result is an incredibly assured and established sound by her second release; no easy task.