Today, our new music spotlight is on HEIR

Location: Leeds

Line-up: Tom Hammond (vocals), Sam Luca (keys), Harry Vernon (bass), Ste Fisher (guitar), Samuel Newham (drums)

About: Heir are a five-piece, DIY-pop band from Leeds. Their enriched and fresh take on pop music combines powerful harmonies and hooks with infectious rhythms, grit and organic song craft. They’ve hit viral figures on Spotify with their debut single, ‘I’ll Pick You Up’, and last year performed at Reading and Leeds Festival, worked with producer Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie), and launched their own collaborative arts night, Blueprint.

What Hidden Herd say: There’s a hazy, sun-kissed sheen of 80’s euphoria on it’s way down from the British North, containing all the seduction of the Californian coast whilst kissed with a British charm. On ‘After Forever’ HEIR deliver an atmospheric, uplifting opus.

For fans of: Old Swing, Arcade Hearts

Link: @heirtheband

Latest track: ‘After Forever’