Swiss electro duo Homaze‘s latest release ‘Knew About Me‘ is an immediate favourite; a sincere track that drips with an electronic, synth-drenched liquidity. Lara and Dario make up the male/female duo, with each bringing their own compliments to the vocal mix; Dario’s voice rising and swelling with the track’s instrumentals, and Lara’s offering a soothing, tender touch to the already rich atmosphere.

The latest project in a run of musical experiments from both artists, Homaze shows an intriguing blend of genres, teasing essences of tropical funk with more modern electronic pulses and percussion. Whilst ‘Knew About Me‘ discusses elements of betrayal, the song’s uplifting final chorus holds true to their mantra of ‘turning negativity into something positive’.

Homaze plan to release more new music in early 2018.