Today, our new music spotlight is on Indigo

Location: London

Line-up: Johann Meux (vocals/keyboards/guitars), Matt Dell’Unto (production/guitars), Arran Birks (percussion), Tom Horton (bass)

About:Hello. This is Indigo. We are in this because we like music, and consist of four distinct London people who are, in turns, insufferable. 

Our first single, ‘Distant Lullaby’, was released in February and we really like it, though you might not. Then came the godly-named “Please Sign Us To Your Label EP”. Accept the greatness of this and move on son. 

We are about to release a new single called ‘Guadeloupe’ on 12th August. Its title belies the sentiment of the song, but isn’t that artwork scenic? 

What Hidden Herd say: Few bands are able to build entire universes within their first few chords. On ‘Guadeloupe’, we are instantly transported to Indigo’s kaleidoscopic world – a psych-kissed dream wrapped in sincerity and soul.

For fans of: Tame Impala, Marvin Gaye, Tyler the Creator

Next shows:‪ 

Tuesday 13th August – London @ The Victoria Dalston. Tickets here:

Saturday 14th September – London @ The Finsbury

Thursday 3rd October – London @ Nambucca

Thursday 14th November – London @ Dublin Castle


Latest track: ‘Guadeloupe’