Today, our new music spotlight is on KIN

Location: London

Line-up: Tom Varrall, Billy Boothroyd, Tommy Evans


KIN‘s music is gorgeously orchestrated. From the exquisitely performed vocals, to the carefully paced rhythm section; debut single ‘Margins” high-reaching synths and electronics, partnered with intricate guitar turns make for a stunning combination.

“‘Margins‘ is about the bittersweet feelings when moving on from someone you loved.” explain the band. “Fondly reminiscing over the happy times perhaps with the lingering hope it’ll go some way to repair the damage whilst, in the same breath, voicing your resentment for the reasons behind the breakdown of something so valuable.”

What Hidden Herd say: What begins as a delicate blend of strings and Boothroyd’s falsetto vocals builds in tempo and intensity to captivate listeners and transport us to horizons unknown. Their crescendos then elevate further, having us harking back to our best moments with Sigur Rós and Explosions in the Sky.

For fans of: Mew, Explosions In The Sky, Bon Iver, Sigur Rós

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Latest track:Margins