Today, our new music spotlight is on KYLYPSO.

Location: London

Line-up: Tom Greenwood (Guitar / Vocals), Hugh Fothergill (Keys) and Rudi Falla (Vocals, Bass)

About: Honing their craft performing at various club nights across London in the past year, KYLYPSO are finally ready to unveil their new single ‘Deep Blue’. The Bow three-piece consisting of Tom Greenwood, Hugh Fothergill and Rudi Falla have been forming a distinct sound in their east London studio with the songs translating into a vast and expansive live show.

What Hidden Herd say: The East-London three return with a hazy, sun-kissed tropical holiday dream, complete with soaring synths and delectably-lucid vocals. ‘Deep Blue‘ is the perfect track to shake off the last of those winter blues.

For fans of: Strong Asian Mothers, Years and Years

Next show: TBC


Latest track:Deep Blue