Today’s new music spotlight is on Lazy Day.

Location: London

Line-up: Tilly Scantlebury (vocals/guitar), Liam Hoflay (lead guitar), Kris Lavin (bass) and Beni Evans (drums)

About: Lazy Day is the brainchild of London’s Tilly Scantlebury that grows into a live four-piece band, full of energy and warmth.

Their forthcoming EP, ‘Letters’, arrives on March 22nd via the band’s own Weird Cool Records via Republic of Music. Led by the monumental ‘Double j’, these are songs constructed from the debris of life: big feelings, big consequences.

Speaking of the track, Scantlebury offers: “I wrote ‘Double j’ about my best friend and how she gets me through a lot. It feels really good to talk about her strength and all that it does for me, especially shouting about it in the big choruses. These are the happiest lyrics I’ve ever written, and I wanted the music to properly reflect that – to be a fierce celebration of friendship.”

“A fierce celebration” feels like an apt way to summarise ‘Letters’ in general: its five songs bristle with intensity, energy and intelligence, delivered via Scantlebury’s remarkable voice – all gravitas, all ballast, like sand flowing down the tide of a river. Its union with Lazy Day’s old-fashioned alternative rock – in the very best, rustic, timeless sense – owes something to PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, even to Karen O of Scantlebury’s beloved Yeah Yeah Yeahs. “I never intended on being a singer,” she reveals. “I never felt like I had the best voice. I was the girl who played drums. But I realised pretty quickly when I was playing drums that it’s harder to be the drummer and also be in control of the music. When I started Lazy Day it was quiet and home-recorded and very dreamy bedroom music, but as soon as I started playing with actual people and got more confident, I made a real effort to find my voice.”
What Hidden Herd say: Lazy Day‘s prolific string of singles have marked them out as one of UK’s most exciting purveyors of alt-rock refrains and fuzz-tinged licks. New single ‘Double j’ continues on in that vein, a blissed-out salute to best friends that may well be their finest slice of songsmithery yet.‬

For fans of: PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Next shows:‪
26th March – Glasgow, UK @ Stereo
27th March – Leeds, UK @ Headrow House
28th March – London, UK @ Oslo
29th March – Bristol, UK @ Rough Trade
2nd April – Hamburg, DE @ Turmzimmer
3rd April – Berlin, DE @ Privatclub
4th April – Munich, DE @ Zehner
5th April – Dusseldorf, DE @ Zakk
6th April – Brussels, BE @ Volta Club
4th May – Liverpool, UK @ Sound City


Latest track: ‘Double j’