Today, our new music spotlight is on Liam Phelan

Location: London, United Kingdom

Line-up: Liam Phelan (vocals/ guitar/ bass/ drums/ production)

About: When combining sonic signatures of artists such as Mac Demarco, Gorillaz and even Kanye West, you can only imagine that Newham born singer and producer Liam Phelan is out to impress.

At the age of 13 after religiously listening to bands such as Green Day, Muse and Led Zeppelin, Liam learned the guitar and began writing his own songs. It was only once he had discovered that you could create music on your computer that the producing came into play.

With a love for Hip-Hop and Jazz equal to his Rock roots, Liam began taking distinct features from these genres such as sampling and Jazzy chord progressions and started fusing them to create a mellow yet developed sound. By experimenting with amps on his vocals and phasing on guitars, his sound soon started to become an amalgamation of the music he loved listening to growing up.

What Hidden Herd say: ‘Star Gazing’ captivates from the first wobbly-synth all the way through to the track’s end; an astral blanket that soothes the listener into its ambience with every ebb and flow.

For fans of: Tom Misch, Jamie Woon

Next shows: TBC


Latest track: ‘Star Gazing’