Loco Ono‘s curious noise will transport you to a strange, far off place. The London trio’s most recent offering is like meditation music for the most part; the sort of thing you can imagine listening to whilst deep in vision, cross-legged on a rug in a joss stick fug.

Built on spellbinding strums that shimmer like the ocean, ‘Bloody Knees’ is a sprawling epic that’s made up of hypnotic grooves, delay-drenched guitar licks and ghostlike vocals that float in the track’s breeze. It eventually evolves into a fuzzy explosion of vibrant riffage, a dreamy psych wig out that recalls fellow newcomers Tail Feather and Penelope Isles.

If Youth Lagoon formed a supergroup with members of Tame Impala and Broken Social Scene, then this otherworldly concoction would loosely resemble their first demo – but Loco Ono‘s unique lo-fi sound is tricky to pigeonhole and stands on its own.