We first featured Lorne upon the release of his introspective debut original release ‘Bread Alone’ back in February. As his second single, ‘Oil and Water’ continues his trademark opus; tender, sincere vocals that both haunt and intrigue at the same time. As a progression from ‘Bread Alone’, ‘Oil and Water‘ utilises tight, yet persistent percussion to give the track a subtle listenability. Channelling the undeniable accessibility of Coldplay’s quieter tracks, Lorne’s vocal melodies carry the track to greater climes, guiding the listener with assured and caring confidence.

The Berkshire singer/songwriter has a classically trained background, showing the perfect level of refrain and timing to offer a poignant listening experience. The result leaves the listener with something quite profound. Discussing the ever-relatable difficulties experienced in our personal relationships, ‘Oil and Water’ carries a feeling of clear loss and longing.