Today, our new music spotlight is on lovepoint

Location: Brighton (UK)

Line-up: lovepoint (artist), Benjamin Wade (producer)

About: lovepoint is a songwriter & multi-instrumentalist who emerged at the tail-end of 2018 with ‘lovepoint EP’.

‘Upstairs’, his debut single, has received over quarter of a million streams since its release and has been praised for its originality and skilful composition within the familiar framework of a 3-minute pop song.

Currently in rehearsals with his live band, lovepoint is keeping us intrigued with his latest release, ‘Steam Room’, which showcases his ability to effortlessly blend myriad influences and shape them into an immediate, subtly complex, pop song.

A rare find, undeniably original: ‘lovepoint’ is an artist who deserves your attention and whose music warrants and rewards repeat listening.

What Hidden Herd say: Dripping in waves of golden silk, lovepoint’s latest single ‘Steam Room’ delivers a palpable, atmospheric escape; a delectable rejuvenation of classic funk and soul, albeit with a modern twist.

For fans of: Alt-J, Tame Impala, Kate Bush


Latest track: Steam Room