Today, our new music spotlight is on LUCKY HORSES

Location: LONDON

Line-up: Ben Cook (guitar, synth, pad), Robin Spencer (vocals, pad)

About: We are: two fellas, a camping table crammed with sample pads, synths and laptops; guitar pedals litter the floor and an electronic pop wall of sound drowns out the trains above. This is Bow Industrial Estate, East London, we are LUCKY HORSES.

Formed in the summer of 2018.

One Horse writes, mixes, produces, doesn’t sleep and can just see the old Highbury from his flat. The other Horse dreams up ideas.

LOSING is our 1st album.

Lyrics brim with nostalgia, social commentary and heartfelt break up make up sitcom kitchen sink waffle. LUCKY HORSES take you down the disco with the lads off the terraces, un glamourise cruising, sing in shit French, introduce you to Taiwanese legend: Diamond (Fuck) Tony and tell you to pack your bags with a lullaby.

What Hidden Herd say: The glitchy nature of ‘Terraces and Discos’ is a layered delight, delicately blending aspects from every corner of the electronic spectrum – funk-laden bass synths, techno percussion and ethereal vocal melodies.

For fans of: Pizzagirl, Arcade Hearts

Next shows:‪

The Monarch, Camden on Thu 07/03/19


Latest track: ‘Terraces and Discos’