Today’s new music spotlight is on Margot

Location: London

Line-up: Alex Hannaway (Vocals), Ben Andrewes (Drums), Albi Cleghorn (guitar), Rob Fenner (guitar, keys) and Michael Webb (bass).

About: Masters of hazy, insular guitar lead dream-pop, replete with a subtle drama born of a close eye on the minutiae of modern human existence, London quintet Margot drop new single Arles.

Once again characters, and relationships between them, are imagined to create a voice through which vocalist Alex Hannaway can express his personal thoughts. Derived from his own social experiences and engagement with politics there’s an unflinching authenticity in his observations.

Following the Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird inspired Coffee Stained Scars Arles strikes a slightly more morose tone, without losing the shimmering glean that is becoming a staple of the 5-piece’s work. There’s a dialling down, reflected by a slower unravelling of subtle guitar riffs and tugging swells of reverb, as well as a decision to switch the artwork into black and white. This preps you for an invigorating guitar solo to cut through just beyond the 3 minute mark – a cathartic response to Hannaway’s low-key calls throughout.

What Hidden Herd say: ‘Arles’ has an ethereal quality, transcending the physical limitations of wherever listeners may find themselves and transporting them to dreamlike slumbers above.

For fans of: Hobby Club, Tuval

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Latest track: ‘Arles’