Throw Ourselves In‘ starts with Marsicans’ trademark joviality and tempo, setting the scene for soaring harmonies and tropical intonations. But as a progression from recent tracks ‘Too Good‘ and ‘Far Away‘ – which both experimented with influences like Bastille and Vampire Weekend respectively – ‘Throw Ourselves In‘ shows a grungier side to the band pushing their sonic boundaries even further.

The Leeds quartet have spent 2017 touring extensively, building a dedicated following in the process. Their sound is undeniably catchy, and their live performances leave few unconverted by their music. With a steady stream of bouncy, Afropop-infused indie-pop chargers under their belt, their momentum shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Coupled with James Newbigging’s recognisable voice and their unfaltering harmonies, Marsicans’ upward trajectory shows no sign of letting up.