Today’s new music spotlight is on Maurice Business.

Location: London

Line-up: Maurice Wright (all instruments/production), James Hazell (synth/production)

About: Maurice Business, a man of many good traits, shares stories of his life from an unclassifiable era. His melancholy lyrics, laced with dark humour, hold a personal insight into his own bleached mind, touching on betrayal, bereavement and bloodlust.

Alongside colleague James Hazell (synth/production), the partners have built an entrepreneurial resonance inside the walls of Hate/Pain Industries. Their new obscured darkwave sound plans to penetrate the minds of anyone willing to listen. The methodology behind the noise is continuous experimentation of new sounds using electronics.

Maurice Business does not hit the spot for a particular mood, instead he sets the mood, creating an atmosphere through narration – pushing feelings of anxiety and love. You won’t know whether to fear or adore him, but the experience will be worth every penny.

What Hidden Herd say: Maurice Business creates a brooding atmosphere with his cinematic darkwave tunes, bringing together noirish lyrics, experimental production and dreamy Stranger Things-style synths. You can take a listen to evocative first release ‘Butterfly’ below.

For fans of: Alex Cameron, John Maus, Boy Harsher

Next shows:‪
Saturday 26th October – Brighton @ Latest Music Bar


Latest track: ‘Butterfly’