Today’s new music spotlight is on Mayfly

Location: London

Line-up: Mayfly (producer/writer/vocals)

About: ‘Breathe’ was written when I was in a pretty dark headspace. I wrote it to try and portray what it was like to go from living with anxiety every day and trying to manage regular panic attacks, to finally feeling like you have control over your mental state again. The track was entirely written and produced by me. I see myself as a writer/producer as well as a singer, and being the pillar of the production process is something I love. Production can be a hard side of the industry to crack for a woman, and I hope that one day we live in a world where we might have a fair shot at winning the Producer of the year Grammy.

After previously having a released a more casual demo on Soundcloud (Feb 2017), I took some time away, wrote an album, cut most of my hair off and am now ready to officially get Mayfly up and running.

What Hidden Herd say: ‘Breathe’ comes as a confident follow up to 2017’s ‘Losing You’, continuing Mayfly’s growing trademark of intriguing electronica atop her strong, soaring vocals.

For fans of: Aislin Evans, Starling

Next shows:‪ TBC


Latest track: ‘Breathe’