Today’s new music spotlight is on MUGEN.

Location: Leeds

Line-up: Harry Kinchington (vocals/guitar), Daniel Heery (lead guitar), Henry Chantham (bass guitar) George Hall (drums)

About: 2017 saw the birth of indie/rock clique MUGEN.

The band have been biding their time, perfecting their craft and carefully constructing a beautifully thought out musical and visual pairing, starring ‘MUGEN‘ the hedgehog.

MUGEN‘ himself has an indulgent drinking and smoking habit, and is a hedgehog who traverses the terrain of the human world as a personification of lead singer, and songwriter Harry Kinchington.

MUGEN personifies Harry’s vision to create something that is a conceptual character falling alongside his passion to release music, that is just that little bit different whilst also raising the question #whoismugen ?

What Hidden Herd say: Mugen‘s style is instantly recognisable; a mix between the deep introspection of Alt-j and the pulsing listenability of Zola Blood. ‘Going Down‘ continues their expanding repertoire with a complimentary, if not evidently dynamic sound.

For fans of: Alt-J, Zola Blood

Next show:‪ Sunday 8th April – Sheffield – Cafe Totum – Tickets


Latest track: ‘Going Down’