Today, our new music spotlight is on Murphey.

Location: Brighton

Line-up: Murphey (Solo Artist)

About: Murphey writes, records and produces himself, although this debut single was done alone he is currently collaborating for future tracks. The 22 year old explores the genre of Chilled R&B/Soul adding splashes of electronic and neo-soul elements with soulful vocals over the top. Murphey has a second single lined up for release end of April.

What Hidden Herd say: For his modest age, Murphey delivers a truly soulful, sincere debut well beyond his years. The Brighton one-man machine has a sound that’s resonant and assured; a very strong start for the new artist.

For fans of: Ady Suleiman

Next shows:‪ TBC


Latest track:Feed & Devour