Today, our new music spotlight is on Park Hotel.

Location: London/Barcelona

Line-up: Tim Abbey (vocals/bass) and Rebeca Marcos Rosa (vocals/guitar)

About: Park Hotel are a post-electronic dance band based in London. Centred on the creative duo of Tim Abbey and Rebeca Marcos-Rosa, they explore the mirrorball-noir territory between alternative arena electronica and wired downtown songwriting. Rebeca is originally from Barcelona; Tim from London.

After meeting by chance in early 2016, their second meeting was in a studio, writing together. Taking inspiration from their international relationship, with frequent trips to New York and Spain, the concept of the band took shape as they experimented with dance floor beats, punk and disco. Through 2017 they released two acclaimed tracks ‘Gone As A Friend’ and ‘Going West’ and as a six-piece live band played a series of overheating London and Paris gigs leading to the NME naming them one of the bands to look out for in 2018, and Kitsuné releasing their third track ‘Good People, Bad Dreams’.

What Hidden Herd say: Alongside a bunch of other brilliant newcomers, such as The Vegan Leather, Stats and Confidence Man, Park Hotel are cooking up off-kilter synth-pop tunes that recall LCD Soundsystem at their hook-loaded peak.

For fans of: LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Confidence Man

Next shows:‪
Saturday 5 May – Liverpool Sound City
Sunday 3 June – Nimes, This Is Not A Love Song
Saturday 16 June – Reims, La Magnifique Society
Friday 13 July – Beatherder Festival
Sunday 22 July – Blue Dot Festival
Friday 27 July – Leopalooza Festival
Saturday 28 July – Standon Calling
Sunday 29 July – Lunar Festival
Sunday 5 August – Bestival


Latest track: ‘Good People Bad Dreams’