Today, our new music spotlight is on Pelicandy

Location: London, England.

Line-up: TC Beecham – Vocals, Synths and Guitars. Nick Mills – Drums and Drum Programming.

About: London alt-pop duo Pelicandy continue to sparkle with their breezy, synth-driven atmospherics in latest release ‘White Sky’, further embracing the band’s electronic tendencies with stacked drum machines and fastidiously arranged synthesisers combining to create their boldest statement yet. Co-produced in Lisbon with Bullion (Westerman, David Byrne, Teleman) and London with B.B. Bones, vocalist TC stated: “White Sky is about realising the ability to focus and reframe your own thoughts and perception of reality. Choosing what world you want to live in depending more on your mindset than your surrounding environment, it’s like a superpower that anyone can learn. Depending on how we direct our thoughts we can even change our body’s own biology. It sounds like science fiction or new-age spirituality but it’s legit psychology and neuroscience!”

What Hidden Herd say: Pelicandy’s signature transportive quality once again has listeners walking down roads paved in liquid gold; on ‘White Sky’, we are welcomed into a kaleidoscope dream of punchy percussion and commanding synth melodies.

The latest in a run of assured, stylised releases, Pelicandy are notably carving out a confident, funk-kissed corner for themselves in the London scene.

For fans of: Imperial Daze, KYLYPSO


Latest track: White Sky