Today’s new music spotlight is on Philip Brooks.

Location: London

Line-up: Philip Brooks (songwriter/producer/vocals/guitar)

About: Dream-pop artist Philip Brooks and his new single ‘Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head’ might seem upbeat, but it originates from a darker place. The 21-year-old bleach-blonde is reflecting on the struggle of mental health and derealisation through the song. Describing the effort of breaking deep-rooted patterns and dissatisfaction with “it will get better” phrases, Philip finds that there is no simple solution to overcoming these issues.

Even so, you can feel how much solace and healing Philip Brooks finds in his music. The uplift he is struggling to find mentally can be heard in the lively instrumentation of ‘Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head’. Through its steady indie drums, plucky bass and brain-massaging vocal harmonies, the track creates an almost hopeful lushness. Blending the introspective and haunting vocal delivery of The Japanese House with the infectious choruses of Turnover, Philip Brooks infuses the beloved dreamy atmospheres with modern pop vibes while sounding like a full band. Associations of late summer dreamscapes will arise, less of a cliché Californian bathing beach than a moody Brighton summer breeze.

What Hidden Herd say: Floaty and cathartic, Philip Brooks’s timeless concoctions are a dreamy mélange of spacey guitar lines and airy harmonies. Ready for an intro? ‘Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head’ rivals early Wild Nothing for pure introspective lushness.

For fans of: The Japanese House, girl in red, Slowdive

Next shows:‪
Tuesday 14th May – London @ The Victoria, Dalston


Latest track: ‘Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head’