Today, our new music spotlight is on Pizzagirl

Location: Liverpool

Line-up: Liam Brown (everything!)

About: Introverted in daily life, Liam uses Pizzagirl as a flamboyant alter-ego to be, say and do the things that he wouldn’t usually. The various tracks across his upcoming album ‘first timer’ are different costumes for Pizzagirl to wear, reflecting different moods and emotions, expressed as loose vignettes tied together as a complete whole.

Sometimes songs are autobiographical to varying degrees, of his own life and sentiments, or of stories and relationships of friends, and sometimes they’re entirely fanciful. The outcome is an uncanny but internally coherent alternative reality with Pizzagirl as the off-kilter protagonist. 

The live show is part one-man band exhibition, and part demob happy TV host veering dangerously off-script. Liam flicks easily between danceable funky pop jams, cheesy karaoke and touching, emotive song-writing, all whilst delivering surreal jokes and anecdotes. 

What Hidden Herd say: Pizzagirl’s penchant for up-beat, off-kilter jams is ever-present on ‘body biology’ – the type of track that holds those ever-distant nostalgic intonations of love, all wrapped up in a chirpy, sun-kissed package.

For fans of: Ariel Pink, Clairo


Latest track: ‘body biology’